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  1. One from the archives. Someday I’ll post my full exegesis on how “Norma Jean” actually began as a response to this song. For now, here’s the version I played at a NMH tribute night in New York, almost seven years ago to the day, when dropping references to Aeroplane in your online profiles still felt like speaking in code.

  2. theambulars:

    five years ago at this time, as the snow was melting in washington DC, mikey, jen & andy got together and decided to start a band. since then, we’ve kept it going through lineup changes, all of us moving to different cities, touring, releasing some EPs and an LP, and eventually all ending up in philly for the last few months.

    we’re excited for our dear friend andy’s future plans (but sad for ourselves) to announce that he is moving on from the band, and this awesome show with jason anderson on April 11th at the great indoors will be his last with us. please come hang out and wish him well with us!

    as for the future of the ambulars, everything is in motion and we’re still writing new songs for a full length, and making big plans. we’ll keep you updated as it comes!

    Oh NOOOOOOOOO :( :( :(

    Seriously, this song changed my life last year: It’s one of the most honest and unflinching evocations of anxiety and mental illness to ever be set to a beat, and it was a gateway into the entirety of Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel, a shining, jagged piece of art that declares its intent at second zero with Andy’s machine-gun roll, crisp and warm and unadorned. This version of this wonderful band, I hardly knew ya. Stay golden.

  3. I want a giant letterpress of this flyer by Mr. michaelcantor. Philly friends, come to the crib so I can show you how I live. Facebook! I want a giant letterpress of this flyer by Mr. michaelcantor. Philly friends, come to the crib so I can show you how I live. Facebook!

    I want a giant letterpress of this flyer by Mr. michaelcantor. Philly friends, come to the crib so I can show you how I live. Facebook!

  4. communistcandy asked: what are the chords/tab in cecil b demille pt. 3 from slow dance? would it be chill if i did a cover? your stuff is super great, by the way.

    Hi, thanks! That song, Iike most of mine, is played with a capo, and for live shows I’m constantly moving songs up and down the neck depending on the atmosphere in the room and what I think my voice can handle. The Slow Dance recording is in A; I play it as though it were in G, all open chords, with the capo on the second fret. I also keep the top part of the G chord in place almost the whole time, so what you see below is mainly changes in the bass note.

    Intro / Verses: G / Em / F#
    Break: C
    First Chorus + Instrumental: G / B / C
    Second Chorus + Instrumental: G / A / C
    Outro: G

    Enjoy! Send me a link if you end up recording it.


  5. Back in the saddle. Two shows in DC this month (I’m missing from the first flyer because I was a late add), a bunch of northeast dates coming soon. More details in Shows.

  6. "I wasn’t the creepy old dude in that situation. Weezer are the creepy old dudes in this situation.”

  7. Name: CENTER




    "As I get older, I recognize that love is mostly situational." (The line edits on this index card move me almost as much as the song does.)

  8. Someone’s a joker at work. Someone’s a joker at work.

    Someone’s a joker at work.

  9. Name: "Can I ask you guys a question?"
    Artist: You Look Nice Today


    I recorded an interview today where I ended up talking a lot about You Look Nice Today, and, yeah, it got me feeling nostalgic. So, I grabbed a couple random old episodes I remember liking and hopped in.

    For whatever reason, I put on “Nary a Dude,” and when I got to this section 10 or so minutes in, it dawned on me that this was, in retrospect, probably where the show started to get really good and wonderfully weird.

    Not long after this episode, Sandy started confidently dropping in music and SFX in a way that produced Golden Age classics like “Sacks-Minnelli Disease,” and, yeah, that’s arguably where the show kinda became…the show.

    But, as I listen back to us diagnosing Scott’s recent inability to feel his balls, I think you can hear where the show started to take a big turn.

    I eat some nuts, Adam sings a theme song, Scott confronts his boniness, and we all wonder aloud whether Estelle Getty might have ever played a wandering barber’s testicles.

    That’s magic.

    Oh god, this wonderful, silly show.

    In retrospect, I’m so glad they were already years in when I started listening, and that I elected to listen in reverse chronological order. It illustrated so dramatically how much better they’d gotten at it than if I’d been following them on the timeline from the beginning. The show is basically over and has been for a year, but I still think of it when I’m starting a new project and need to boost my tolerance for not knowing where it’s going, or if it will ever amount to anything good. Especially since, in my social circles, “You should check out my podcast” is swiftly becoming the new “You should come to my DJ night,” it’s good to be reminded that it’s not the form, but the effort and intention put into it, that matters.

  10. Wow, wow, wow! (via @jacobganz)